Way too much is at stake to be passive. That's why there will be No Honeymoon for Biden!

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We’re pushing Joe Biden on six issues that we know are necessary to building an equitable and progressive country that is safe for all who call it home.

  1. We want a $15 minimum wage for all workers in the US.
  2. We need universal healthcare. The past eight months have proven this is more important than ever. We are still in the midst of a global pandemic, and our neighbors still cannot get the medical care they need.
  3. We are fighting for true climate action. Climate change threatens all of us. This year alone, fires have raged across the western states, tropical storms have battered the gulf coast, and windstorms have ravaged the plains. We need to take immediate and radical action.
  4. We demand racial justice and equity. We must actively pursue anti-racist policies.
  5. We must stop the wars. The US is responsible for atrocities happening across the globe. We spend way too much on the military and must reapportion these funds for programs that build equity and which support our communities.
  6. We need Joe Biden to absolve all student debt. Education should be free. We should be encouraging our young people to learn, not requiring that they sign up for a lifetime of repayment. 

How You Can Help Press the Biden Administration on Key Progressive Issues:

  1. Share this toolkit with your network to help us hold Biden accountable. 
  2. Share our precrafted tweets and our graphics
  3. Author your own tweets using our hashtags: #NoHoneymoon
    Finally, make sure to tag @JoeBiden.

Sample Tweets

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