He is a threat to our planet:
Trump has moved our climate closer to the brink of collapse with an aggressive expansion of fossil fuels that ignores science in order to line the pockets of his campaign donors.

He is a threat to our economy:
Trump’s disastrous response to COVID has helped plunge our country into recession, and his systematic dismantling of social safety nets may lead us to a depression. His policies relentlessly push wealth and income upward toward the top 1 percent.

He is a threat to immigrants:
Trump has used racist scapegoating to terrorize immigrant communities, separate children from their families, and turn back refugees this country once welcomed.

He is a threat to women:
Trump has methodically worked to limit access to birth control and abortion, has revoked protections against pay disparity and sexual harassment in the workplace, and has enthusiastically and repeatedly denigrated women on a national stage. Women’s rights are further threatened by his Supreme Court and federal court nominees.

He is a threat to our health:
Trump has overseen the least competent response to COVID of almost any government, resulting in the highest number of deaths worldwide, and a continuously inadequate level of testing.

He is a threat to our democracy:
Trump has assailed essential institutions and traditions including the separation of powers, a free press, an independent judiciary, the impartial delivery of justice, safeguards against corruption, and most disturbingly, the right to vote.

He is a threat to our national character:
Trump’s bullying, lying, name-calling, and vindictiveness have compromised our national discourse and sown deep divisions where we could be finding common ground.

Not at all. If you live in New York or California, for example, where the election will not be close, you can vote for the Green Party or abstain without jeopardizing the effort to defeat Trump. If you live in a swing state, however — including Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Maine’s 2nd CD, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska’s 2nd CD, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Wisconsin — the choice to vote for the Green Party or to sit out the election increases the chances of Trump gaining a second term. Plain and simple. That’s why our campaign is laser-focused on engaging progressive voters in swing states.

The #VoteTrumpOut campaign does not endorse Joe Biden. That’s because our effort is not about supporting Biden. It’s about defeating Trump. Advocating that swing state progressives vote for Biden is in no way an endorsement of his policies or history. It is simply an acknowledgement that the alternative is re-electing an unabashed white supremacist and quasi-fascist who will be even more dangerous if given a second term. In the words of Noam Chomsky, who lives in a swing state: “I’d vote for a lamp post to get Trump out.”

Our values are firmly grounded in improving the material well-being of actual people, particularly marginalized people. It is clear that for poor and working class people, for people of color, for LGBTQIA+ people, for immigrants, for refugees, for students, and for people with disabilities, life will be far harder under a Trump administration than a Biden administration. In this way, voting for Biden in swing states in order to defeat Trump is a reflection, not a contravention, of our values. Voting is fundamentally a strategic act, and we are pursuing the strategy most likely to protect vulnerable people from four more years of bigotry, exploitation, and repression. And we will be ready and organized on day one to hold a Biden administration accountable.

When it comes to elections and voting, we believe the moral choice is not what makes us feel good or pure or superior as individuals.The moral choice should be based on what is best for others, especially the most vulnerable among us — and for the planet and future generations. In swing states, we believe the moral vote is to vote Trump out.

We strongly disagree. For every undocumented family seeking asylum, for every woman seeking access to reproductive healthcare, for every young person fighting to avert climate catastrophe, for every parent afraid of gun violence at their children’s school, for every working class family hoping for some relief from the medical and economic fallout of the coronavirus, life will be very different under a Biden presidency than under four more years of Trump.

And crucially, Biden is moveable. We’ve already shown that with mass pressure, we can push him to support more progressive policies. Trump, on the other hand, is immune to public persuasion or protest. With a Biden presidency, a disciplined and mobilized left could extract significant victories. With another Trump presidency, the left would have few options and could face new levels of government repression. Our democracy, our planet, and our human rights would continue to sustain enormous — and potentially irreparable — damage.

With only decades left to avert climate chaos, an economy teetering on depression, and a viral epidemic still uncontained, the burn-it-all-down approach is almost certain to result in enormous suffering, especially for those most marginalized in U.S. society and globally. With so much at stake, the left cannot abandon the electoral arena. We have a responsibility to contest that arena. We have a responsibility to win.

We agree with most of the Green Party platform, but we also know beyond a kernel of a doubt that a vote for the Green Party in swing states increases the chances of Trump winning reelection. And four more years of Trump may mean none of us get to vote in democratic elections for a long time.